What is the Ada City Schools Foundation?
The ACSF is a community organization active since 1988.  The Foundation was created to encourage academic excellence in Ada City Schools.  The ACSF is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees that operates independently, but in conjunction with, the Ada City Schools Administration and School Board.  The Foundation provides funding, not available through regular sources, for innovative educational programs for our students. The ACSF is a non-profit, tax exempt organization per Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Tax Code.

Foundation Programs
The Ada City Schools Foundation distributes funds through two independent Grant Programs:

Grants To Teachers

The Grants To Teachers program is the largest ongoing program administered by the Foundation. Teachers submit detailed applications for unique and innovative educational projects. These applications are thoroughly reviewed by an independent selection committee. The Foundation awards grants up to $1000 to fund the selected projects

Experts In Residence

The Experts in Residence initiative was introduced in 1992. This unique program brings accomplished experts and artists from many disciplines directly to our Ada City Schools students. Experts In Residence gives our students the opportunity to listen to renowned scientists, mathematicians, authors, and musicians in our Ada City Schools Classrooms
Foundation Goals 

  1. Encourage academic excellence in the Ada City Schools by providing funding for innovative educational grants.
  2. Inform our community about the strong educational programs in the Ada City Schools.
  3. Build public confidence in the Ada City Schools.
  4. Encourage community and business involvement in The System in a positive and supportive manner.

The Ada City Schools Foundation has a financial goal to reach an endowed fund level of $1,000,000.

How can I help?

Contribute now! Generous gifts from supporters of the Ada City Schools Foundation allow us to continue creating an exciting atmosphere for learning. Your contribution will have a direct impact on our students, and will encourage educational excellence throughout The System.

Superior public education is a cornerstone for progress and economic growth for our entire community.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Ada City Schools Foundation helps build a brighter future for the Ada community, our students, and our future leaders. Please download the donor card and mail it with your gift today.

Thank you for joining us in our pursuit of excellence in the Ada City Schools!